Which year was the first Camaro produced?

The first Camaro production started secretly sometime in May 1966 under the code N100001. It had 230 cubic engine, 3 speed transmission, white wall tires, push-button radio,  front antenna and lux seat belts. The interesting fact is that it also had 110 Walt static lighting display with the purpose to be used at General Motors sales conventions.

During the time it was secretly stored, the dramatic 10:00 AM 14 City Network News Conference was held and officially the name CAMARO was released to the World.

Up until that moment, all pilot cars were built unnamed. Due to the enthusiasm of this presentation, an estimation appeared that 12 percent of Chevrolet production in 1967 will be covered by Camaro.

First Camaro Presentation

Later, it was presented at the Sheraton Cadillac Hotel where R.T. Ayers himself first saw the sports car and used his influence to the Chevrolet Division to request and receive the first built product.

Camaro number 1 was sold to its first owner, Linda Johnston from Oklahoma City on April 5th 1969, two and a half years after its first production for the price of 2550 dollars. There is assumption that she got the car for such a low price due to the family connection between her father and the Ayers family. The reason for that belief is that her father was buried 200 feet from the Ayers family members on the same cemetery.

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