WATCH: Woman Sets Fire to Wrong Car Thinking It’s Her Ex-Boyfriend’s [VIDEO]

A Florida woman is now in police custody after video footage caught her in the act who allegedly set fire to a car thinking it was her ex-boyfriend’s.

A woman called Carmen Chamblee who was just 19 years old, was arrested on charges of second-degree arson, according to the Clearwater PD.

Carmen Chamblee allegedly has started the blaze in the trunk of a four-door sedan in white color, she was using flammable liquid, said the police.

People who saw the incident who were Witnesses said that she fled the scene on a bicycle. A surveillance camera outside the victim’s home taped Carmen Chamblee in the action, which lead the police to identify the woman and put her in arrest on Saturday morning, reported The Tampa Bay Times.

The girl told the police that she thought the car was her boyfriend’s.

For her bad luck, it wasn’t.

“I have no idea who she is,” the automobile owner Thomas Jennings said to the local station WFTS.

WFTS reported that Jennings ran out of his residence to see his car go up in flames after his roommate told him to get outside.

Chamblee is currently being held in Pinellas County Jail.