WATCH WHAT THIS BIKER DOES NEXT TO THE GIRL in this Overturned Car Accident!

Humanity Still Exists! Hero Biker Rescues Girl! All Filmed From A Helmet Cam!

In today`s world of dark news and people doing their best to batter one another, it is very welcoming to see a guy who takes a bit of his time to lend a hand to another person who needs help. In this video we can se biker saving girl from Overturned Car Excident, we can witness a dramatic rescue that is caught on a helmet cam that captures all of the action.

Overturned Car Excident
Hero biker did the Imposible in this Overturned Car Excident

The heroic biker was coming back home on the 163 San Diego northbound when he suddenly came across an overturned car. The rider`s instincts took over, he immediately pulled over and hopped of his bike in order to help the occupant in the overturned car.

Luckily, he had all the tools that were needed in a situation like this. He pulls out a knife and starts cutting the seatbelt that is strapped to the girl in the overturned car. When the Emergency Medical Technicians arrived at the scene, they asked the girl a couple of questions to make sure that she is alright.

It turned out she had some difficulties answering one of the questions, but overall she was looking fine. They all managed to get her out of that crash without any major injuries. Big thumbs-up for the rider who was on the lookout and immediately pulled over to help her.