This Masterpeace Left Gearheads Speechless – Vicious

1 000 000 $ Muscle Car Baby '' Vicious ''

VICIOUS – 1 000 000 $ Muscle Car Baby


This is the most powerful Mustang that has ever step on a car Show. It’s name is  “ Vicious ”, this car is original 1965 Mustang before going in the Timeless Kustoms garage. With 9 months of work, was born a masterpiece of 1000HP and equal lb-ft of twist.

VICIOUS  made by Timeless Kustoms
First Owner  Chris Marechal
Under the hood easy – hard
Timless Kustoms ’65 Stang over the underlying machinery. The engine is from the new GT350,

First Owner

First owner was  Chris Marechal. It was probably his second 1965 Mustang he has commissioned from Timeless Kustoms. The first Stang was Coyote engine and a Magnuson supercharger which deliver 650HP. But the next was with the amazing 1000 HP.


Under the hood

First of all The Car Was made from Stang 65′ with Two additional superchargers . Precision Turbo and also all of this in combination with the high-flow MagnaFlow exhaust-system translates into staggering 1000HP. Anyway, the car is fitted with a DYAD Centerforce clutch. Six-speed sequential in addition to power the rear wheels.


They removed the top roof from the original car and completely revised the bodywork. Timeless Kustoms implemented everything on to a custom-made Art Morrison Chassis. Underneath “Vicious” is fitted with a 5.1L V8 Ford Performance engine that is complete with a TVS Magnuson supercharger.Vicious

Inside, we have a Motec digital display, red leather, massive paddle shifters and a three-spoke steering wheel by Sparco. Seems like this when you getting in a Amsterdam Red Street.

Vicious Vicious

“This is a car, for us, that we’ve pushed the attributes to the limit,” – Jason Pecikonis from ” Timeless Kustoms ” Jason Pecikonis. No surprise then that the custom-built, same 1000-horsepower monster Mustang is sold for amazing  $1 000 000 tab in the builder’s shop. Before its debut at this week’s Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas. Vicious

Timeless Kustoms

Seems like Timeless Kustoms built the Vicious for car fashion and hung sheetmetal from a ’65 Stang over the underlying machinery. Engine is from the new GT350, with two turbochargers and a supercharger added to produce an 1000 horsepower.

Raises the bar for what can be accomplished in a resto-mod classic car build, although we’re left to wonder how much less of the original car can be included in such vehicles.