Nacho Bernal’s 1800HP Camaro SS Rolls At 195 MPH! Insane On Board Footage!

When you turn an already fast car into a racing beast that can dabble in the 200mph game, there must be preparations made for the time when all things go haywire as well! Fortunately, that was the case with Nacho Bernal who with his beasty Camaro SS flips at 195 MPH! This driver made the aforementioned safety preparations which include 5-point G-FORCE harnesses and Snell rated helmets! Thankfully, that was enough for Bernal and his passenger to survive this very scary crash without major injuries!

What we are dealing with here folks is one extremely powerful fifth-generation Chevrolet Camaro SS! Nacho Bernal dialed this Camaro up to staggering 1800HP! This muscle car made a visit to the CMS gym and its engine compartment being fitted with a twin-turbocharged LSX! However, Bernal with his extremely powerful Camaro had a terrible crash during a half-mile event! After managing to hit 195 mph, Bernal experienced a braking system failure in the deceleration phase!

Because of the braking failure, one of the front tires locked! The locked front tire caused the muscle car to spin and ending on its roof! Besides the 5-point G-FORCE harnesses and Snell rated helmets, the Camaro was fitted with a full roll cage by Cunningham Motorsports! All these safety precautions proved very worthy indeed! Fortunately, as we said, both occupants are fine. Nacho Bernal left the crash unscathed while his passenger was rendered unconscious but without any major injuries!

This ferocious half-mile event took place on the Airstrip Pikes Peak in Colorado! This event also saw a twin-turbocharged Lambo Gallardo setting a brand new half mile world record with a speed of 240MPH! Ironically, Bernal set a brand new Camaro world record which alongside the crash memories went home with a trophy as well!

Check out the insane on board video below for a very frightening view of the unlucky event!