Monster Truck 3D Reloaded

Monster trucks have never been for the weak-of-heart,

Monster Truck 3D Reloaded

hqdefaultMonster trucks have never been for the weak-of-heart, and it just got a little more extreme. Drive your monster truck through an insane series of levels from hundreds of miles above the ground! Don’t fall off the edges or you’ll land on some unsuspecting citizens. Fly off ramps and do monster acrobatics to get to the finish line — and that’s just the first level!


Are video games good for you?

It’s you who decide, or responsibility to figure out how long you should play before putting the controller down and doing something else, as difficult as it may be.

1. Video Games Slows Down Aging

No matter of our gender male, female, old, young we are all ageing.

And while getting older and smarter has its perks, there are also a number of natural problems that come about as well.

Just like maintaining a healthy exercise routine can help your body feel 50 when you’re 60, we can be wise and be ‘in shape’.

In fact, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Iowa showed that playing games can do just that.

2. You make better Decision

3. Games Makes your Eyesight stronger

4. Video Games Can Make You Less Anti-Social

People who are Playing video games are awkward social rejects.” This is not true !

Researchers from three different institutions recently did their own studies to find out how common antisocial behavior is among gamers.

5. Games Can Enhance Your Ability To Learn

Popular belief that video games make you bad at school, researchers found that certain video games can actually enhance our brain flexibility.

Starcraft, a fast real-time strategy game, and The Sims, a slower life-simulation game.

Ones who played : Starcraft boasted better cognitive flexibility becouse the game requires constant thinking and player input.

6. Better Hand-Eye Coordination

7. Better Focus and Attention

8. Heals Depression

Researchers sought to find out if video games can be used to treat mental health like depression.