Amazing Time-Lapse Video – 2012 GT500 Mustang Transformed Into A 1967 GT500 Fastback! Perfect Blend Of Two Different Eras!

Many car manufacturers are designing their upcoming models to look fresher with moderately tweaked features. Think of it as Plastic Surgery. However, what a gearhead named Dan Burback did is perhaps the complete opposite of a Plastic Surgery! He totally ravaged the sheet metal of a 2012 GT500 in order to transform it into a 1967 GT500 Fastback! We got to admit, we were quite skeptical when first hearing about this move. As we all know, muscle cars are significantly bigger than in the past! So trying to fit a small shell over a big frame sounded too ambitious.

Nevertheless, somehow it turned out perfect as you can see in the time-lapse video below! What Dan Burback did is cutting away the 2012 GT500`s chassis and replacing all of its exterior panels with 67 Dynacorn replacement panels. It`s also worth mentioning that Burback still haven`t paid off the new 2012 GT500! However, it wasn`t all cut and paste for Burback. He had to do a lot of fabrication work to blend the two Stangs together. Burback had to consider the different track width as well, since the 2012 GT500 is significantly wider than the 1967 GT500 Fastback! Every single body panel had to be smoothed out for the right proportions. Enjoy the video!