Amazing GT500KR Shelby Convertible Found Inside A Truck! Precious Find For Every Muscle Car Lover!

We here at musclecarsamerica can never get enough of good finds! The whole car find thing is such a romanticized notion! You have probably heard the story a thousand times. Someone enters a gloomy dilapidated barn to find only a single flow of sunlight breaking through the rafters! The stream of sunlight landing harshly on the grimy hunk of metal! One can easily overlook! However, upon more careful inspection the hunk of metal turns out to be one alluring classic American muscle! We sure love that tangible excitement and feeling of mystery when it comes to barn finds! What you are about to see in the footage below definitely captures that exact feeling! It`s one amazing 1958 GT500KR Shelby barn find!

This guy, as you`ll see in the footage below, is in an ecstatic state of mind for finding this awesome classic car! Just like in a romanticized notion he finds it in the middle of nowhere, inside a truck! Every barn find has its uniqueness to it, and this one sure ranks up high! Actually it`s a 4 speed GT500KR Shelby convertible that`s worth every penny to restore! We personally don`t like them cleaned as a whistle, but what we meant is restored to be driven on the streets once again! Imagine this amazing 1958 GT500KR Shelby roaring once again? That would be one staggering sight to bask upon!

This extremely fine barn find has the whole package! The transmission and the engine are inside just waiting to be restored and put back to action! How cool would that be? We don`t know what will happen to this car and how much it will cost. However, we hope it will be bought by a mad scientist gearhead who will restore this Mustang classic into its former glory!

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