6×6 Steering System Amazing 6 Wheel Monster Beast

Amazing 6 Wheel Monster Beast

We all know and love the SEMA show! On this show for the first time came out this Amazing 6 Wheel Monster Beast. It is the premier automotive specialty products trade event in the world! And when we say specialty products we mean absolutely astonishing and impressive trucks that can only be seen at the SEMA! And one guy who is a regular at the show is Dave Sparks, who even stars in a show on Discovery Channel named “Diesel Brothers“.


He is the creator of the absolute monstrosity of a truck that goes by the catchy name of Super Six Monster Truck! The name Super Six Monster was chosen because this beauty is a six wheel steering with six doors! The idea for this beast was put in motion after the conclusion of last year`s SEMA show. The Mega Ram Runner was the entry for Dave Sparks, and it set the level quite high! So Dave and his team bought a Ford F-150, bought all the parts and got to work!

Super Six Monster Truck! Check Out Amazing Six Wheel Truck That Had Participated At SEMA!

meet-the-super-six-the-six-door-ford-f-550-heavy-d-and-dieselsellerz-sema-2015-build-pictures-001The finished project resulted in this gorgeous creation becoming real! And the possibilities this truck has are almost endless! The original Ford F-150 was converted into a six door, and six beard racing seats! Even though most six door vehicles have eight or nine seats, Dave and his team put only six, because they didn`t need passenger capacity, they needed comfort! It has a six wheel steering, and it can even crab walk! Just to have a clue how much this truck has been altered, a factory Ford F-150 weighs about 8500 pounds. The Super Six Monster truck on the other hand, weighs around 20 000 pounds! Dave Sparks and his team definitely know how to make a monstrous truck, and they have proven themselves again right here! We will not say anything more, just watch the video and enjoy!